ZAR 2070 Incl. Vat per hour of work done.

General Agreements

  Confidentiality Agreement
  Consultancy Agreement
  Domestic Worker Agreement
  Hire Terms and Conditions
  Last Will and Testament
  Lease Agreement
  Non-Disclosure Agreement
  Partnership Agreement
  Power of Attorney
  Rent to Own Agreement
  Restraint of Trade
  Shareholders Agreement
  Unsecured Loan Agreements
  Agency Agreements
  Exclusive Agreement
  Licensee and Licensor Agreements
  Non-Exclusive Agreement
  Contractor Agreements
  Contractor Terms of Service Template
  Once off Service
  Ongoing Goods & Services
  Ongoing Services
  Subcontractor Agreements
  Works Agreement


  Debt Collection
  Acknowledgement of Debt
  Final Demand i.t.o. Section 123 & 130 of the NCA
  Letters of Demand
  Distribution Agreements
  General Distribution
  Sale of Goods
  Software Distribution
  Supply Agreements
  Employment Documents
  Casual Employment
  Full Time Employment
  Part Time Employment
  IT Infrastructure Maintenance Agreements
  Consultancy Agreement
  Maintenance Agreement
  Website Policy and Terms
  Website Privacy Policy
  Website Terms and Conditions
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