Select an Option:  
  Subscription Fee Percentage fee*
Nil 20%
R290 per month on debit order (RSA Only) 10%
R3190 per year 10%

Services Include:
Pre-Legal Yes
  Tracings/Data washing Yes
  Call centre phone calls Yes
  Text messages Yes
  Email Yes
  Section 129 letter Yes
  Default Listing on credit bureau Yes
  Legal Yes
  Summons/Section 58 Yes
  Judgment Yes
  Warrant of Execution/EAO Yes
  Sheriff enforcement Yes
  International Debt Collection** Yes
* Percentage fees are charged on the capital and interest collected, plus VAT. Debtors fees are charged to the debtor as prescribed by law.
Amounts received by the Client or by us will be allocated first to fees, then to arrears capital and interest. Capital plus interest less fees will be paid to the Client.
** There may be extra fees applicable for areas outside South Africa. The Client will be notified in advance of such fees.

Email or Call us on: 087 806 2800 (South Africa)  +2776 477 7288 (International)


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